little field farm salad ...10

heirloom carrot, bbq walnut, goat cheese, lemon basil dressing [v, gf] 

house sourdough bread ...6

house cultured pistachio butter, pink salt [v, V*]

fresh oysters ...12 /24

pink moon [pei], fresh horseradish, tomato basil mignonette [gf]

cheese ...9

tartufo, blueberry jam, pickled shallot, grilled bread [v]

meat ...9

speck, whole grain mustard, tapenade, grilled bread


blistered shishito pepper... 12

curry apple aioli, pecorino, lime agrodolce, toasted sesame seed [v, gf]

beets... 13

beet, radish, chevre, cripsy garlic [v, gf]


 cucumber salad... 13

cilnatro, onion, apple, fish sauce [gf]

crab cake... 15

orange, remoulade

chicken tacos...14

salsa, queso fresco, chili aioli, masa shell [gf]

chicken parm croquette... 14

confit chicken, cheese, red sauce, pecorino

14 carrot gold... 14

seared baby carrot, honey turmeric glaze [v, gf]



grilled hanger steak... 27

chimichurri, mashed potato, salad [gf]​

rubbed teres major... 27

beet slaw, spanish rice [gf]

za'atar roasted carrot...25

charred swiss chard, cabbage slaw, curry couscous [v, V]

house burger ...15

big farm sauce, queso americano, cured cabbage, brioche bun, house fries

chicken sandwich ...15

nashville hot, blue cheese, arugula, brioche bun, house fries

choose your own adventure, kinda

only at the chef counter, sit back + relax while our chefs do the rest

[v-vegetarian.  gf-gluten free.  V-vegan.  V*-can be made vegan